How we learn at Fish and Bricks

It is the strong belief of Fish & Bricks Pre-school that children will learn through play.

We are fortunate with the space we have, both indoors and outside. We encourage free flow access to the garden – whatever the weather!

The activities provided within the pre-school setting provide a sound basis for the National Curriculum at school. Fish & Bricks Pre-school follows ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’ as defined by Ofsted. The sessions are divided into:-

  • free play time
  • group time – adult and children led
  • stories
  • time for physical play.

Often these blend!

Your child is an individual

On joining Fish & Bricks pre-school, your child will be allocated a key person – this helps us ensure that we provide for your child’s specific, individual needs. A key person is a member of staff who monitors your child’s progress throughout their time with us at pre-school and plans for their specific interests and needs.

We work in partnership with you, the parents or carers and welcome discussion with you on how your child is progressing, including sharing with you their Learning Journals and their Next Steps in Learning.

Typical day

8.15 am   BREAKFAST. Optional for a limited number of children. Booking required and there may be an additional cost.



FREE PLAY TIME. Two or three rooms and the garden are set up beforehand and children can choose their own activities and move around the setting freely.

SNACK TIME. This takes on different forms – sometimes all together, other times in small groups, teddy-bears picnic etc.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES. Could be the use of large equipment, climbing frame, tunnels, balancing beams, ball games, bikes, bean bags, hoppers, music and movement, drama, role-play, parachute, bubbles, obstacle course etc.

STORYTIME. The children listen or take part in story time.

COSY CORNER. We  celebrate the day together and we sing a Goodbye song.


12.15 – 13:15 LUNCH. Optional for a limited number of children. Booking required and there may be an additional cost.

Getting Involved

Fish & Bricks Pre-school is managed by a Management Committee made up of elected church members from Gateway Baptist Church who are responsible for finances, policy making and staffing.

We also invite parents, carers and grandparents to get involved in the life of Fish and Bricks – including:-

  • Pre-school visit, before your child starts
  • Key person meetings
  • Welcome morning
  • Notice board for daily news
  • Compliments & Suggestions book
  • Approachable, friendly relationships with the team
  • Outings
  • Fun Day
  • Parents’ & Carers’ Friends’ Committee
  • Parent/Carer rota – spending the morning in the setting

The Parents’ Rota is an ideal opportunity to get involved and see what your child experiences during a Fish and Bricks session. It is both important for the child and the parent. Note – ‘parents’ means Dads, Grandparents and Carers as well as Mums!